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Live from IRCE 2015: How to authentically build communities from the co-founder of Reddit

Building brand communities is an important element for every brand, but it’s especially important for ecommerce brands that live solely on the Internet. How can you build a positive community around what you’re selling? The answer is simple: be authentic.

At the MarketingSherpa Media Center at IRCE 2015, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa (sister company of MarketingExperiments), sat down with Alexis Ohanian, Executive Chair and Co-Founder, Reddit, to discuss the importance of building authentic brand conversations, how to respond to negative comments, content marketing and how all of this translates into value for companies.

As Alexis describes it, Reddit is a « social news site, » as well as one of the largest social media platforms currently in existence. The company also has an impressive brand following. Currently, Reddit has over 170 million unique views, 7.5 billion page views and nearly 10,000 active communities within the site itself.

According to Alexis, a major component of Reddit’s success is creating authentic discussions with consumers.

« In a world where consumers have more and more knowledge every day and more and more choice every day, that is the only way you will win, » he said.

Alexis shared the following tips on the importance of creating authentic brand communities.

Watch the whole interview here:

When it comes to community building, authenticity is key

What Alexis means when he talks about authentic conversations online is treating conversations on the Internet the same as you would conversations in everyday life. Building brand communities takes time –

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